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toss the turtle

2009-08-27 21:08:47 by capjosh

im totally addicted to toss the turtle, this game is beast


2009-04-14 21:50:59 by capjosh

i made a techno mix on my keyboard the other day, and im pretty proud of it. i need to get it uploaded, so i can share it with everyone.
theres a little loop i made too thats pretty house, cant wait to get them posted!


2009-03-31 18:13:05 by capjosh

idk i havent been on in a while, im kinda tired of newgrounds.. idk..
im too lazy to work on a project.. i want to do some stuff with little smile and some other stuff i came up with but idk, w.e noones gonna read this anyway. lol so i dont know why im posting this.

1st song

2009-01-29 17:29:08 by capjosh

hey all, i just made my first submission! go check it out its a song called little smile

castlecrashing the beard

2009-01-24 18:55:10 by capjosh

well i just beat cctb. but me and the beard both died at the same time! anyone make it to the 5th crasher? is there a 6th? im gonna see if i can get to them!